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“We often talk about how we would have found each other in any life.” Since the release of Ryan Luce’s debut album Country House, a lot has changed for him and his surroundings. “I got engaged, moved, and married in the year after my last record.” As Luce and his wife settled into their new surroundings it inspired him to write his new single Gemini about starting their lives together as a wedding present to her. “This song captures a chapter of my life that I'd like to remember when I get old. Most people don’t get that chance to capture it and store it in a bottle. This song is more than a song, it’s a photograph to me.” Taking a different path from his last record that was filled with fictional characters, writing about his life came as a challenge leaving Luce to contemplate what it means to share the rest of your life with someone. “When the unwritten road is yours it’s not about plot points but on feelings like faith and looking back on all the little things that had to go your way. It makes you humble.” Throughout Gemini Luce paints a picture of the neighborhood and the life he leads: “Every Sunday we go to our grocery store that plays old Italian songs over the PA and my wife says it was placed there by her grandfather for us.” After writing Gemini, Luce recruited singer-songwriter Sam Weber to produce. “I felt Gemini was my song but a kindred spirit to what I heard Sam was doing. I listened to his records the last couple years and loved his Easy Street EP, that convinced me to reach out.” Mastered by Justin Perkins from Mystery Room Mastering and mixed by Sean Sullivan (Molly Tuttle, Tyler Childers) the 3 of them crafted a dynamic sound to wrap around Luce’s voice. “ I feel my voice on Gemini is strong yet gentle. I had to keep it hidden from my wife for a long time and somehow that helped when I really had to sing it for her.” Gemini is a song that is awash in textures and sounds that add a new palette to Luce’s songs while keeping his songwriting grounded in our brief moments of joy. “Passages in our life are so brief, writing this song was the only way to keep it.”



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"Offers a blend of country-western Americana and Pacific Rock à la Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers to paint energetic narratives with lasting visual effect."

-Rhythm & Boots NYC


"Shuffling earnestly with just a sweet whiff of melancholy, some killer slide guitar lines and intertwined harmonies that conjure sensations of 70’s country and Buckingham Nicks."



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